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Of our busy lives, too much...!

With modest family origins, very far from castles.
Two “careers” (.. or rather “jobs”), throughout the Hotel and Catering Industry; hectic, laborious, but exhilarating lives, built together in stages, punctuated by serious economic crises, big scares, and great successes.
"...In all the corners and "positions" of this profession...! because we have done everything there..!
From "Clerk" to "Chef de Rang", from "Barman" to "Extra" at the biggest prestigious Parisian caterers, from "Dishwasher" to Chef de Cuisine, or from "Banquet Manager" to Maitre d'Hôtel for Philippe , from maid to "Night Audit", and from Receptionist to Front Office Manager for Christine.

As employees, first, (... with hundreds of employers in a few years, and often accumulating "extras"), from small restaurants to large brands, from the 1st French group, then Managers both of us, in the largest American hotel brand in the world, before "launching" ourselves... to become independent... and our own bosses.
By creating our restaurant, then building a 40-room hotel there, 5 years later... by drawing our plans with the help of architects.
With all our savings, all the risks, and to reduce the budget, by combining all the obligations and responsibilities, including family ones with 2 children.
Even less free time, having to know how to do everything ourselves, from "accountant, IT specialist - receptionist" to "plumber-electrician", (in the middle of the night, to ensure maximum service, in the middle of a "full" period), helped to have well designed and built this restaurant with 120 seats, then the hotel-office with 40 rooms, thanks to our proximity to the largest airport in France, the Eurodisney and Asterix parks, the Villepinte exhibition centers and Le Bourget...
Result: Little sleep and records broken every year, up to New Year's Eves of more than 170 cvts or an 82% annual occupancy rate! for the hotel.. We were young and passionate.

There you go...a summary of 30 years....! ..."

Always with the pleasure of international contact, very early, and without stopping; openness to all cultures on the planet with English as the main language, more often than our French.
... and a permanent curiosity about everything, with passion, and projects... always, projects...!
Obviously, with time and age, we had to calm down and slow down.
And then, this childhood dream, "living in a castle", or a "beautiful House", full of towers, secret underground passages, adventures, mysteries and legends...living History.!

The click

2001, THE meeting with “la Maison de l’Argentier du Roy”.
Curious coincidences, signs of chance (?), opportunities...!
And very quickly, the decision to liquidate everything in Paris, to live a passion fully, far from our "crazy" life..with a new project...!

Combine the restoration of such a special House, a true witness to the Renaissance, with its 500 years of history, and its fabulous setting..!
Doing this restoration ourselves, taking our time, with the pleasure of continuing to know and receive "earthlings", fit perfectly with the Chambres d'Hôtes concept (or the charming cottage for longer stays...), so close, in fact, to the heart of our original profession, with the added pleasure, and being able to control the pace with the calmer off-seasons which leave time to advance the work while contributing to its financing (without any help. .)


Passion does the rest..!..In love with France, and all its world-renowned local products, we take great pleasure in introducing it to visitors from around the world.
We therefore happily share this place, Touraine, and what it represents, with wonderful people from everywhere (as long as they share the same taste as us, for the good times it provides), since 2009. .. Already..!

The Michelin guide did us the honor of selecting us in its prestigious Red Guide, from the 2011 edition

and our (fantastic) hosts on Tripadvisor, have given us a global reputation, to help us continue this adventure. with certificates of excellence from 2011, up to the exceptional "Traveller's choice 2014" award

We question ourselves every day, so as not to disappoint them.
See you soon, we look forward to welcoming you here.
Philippe and Christine

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About our Eco-management of the House which was rewarded by Tripadvisor dpt GreenLeaders
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About our restoration of the House