Professionals are managing your flight, for your security and your comfort

They will give you all the informations and help to enjoy that day in best conditions.
Any transport performed are provided by Montgolfiere Centre Atlantique (company owner : Jean Daniel Ouvrard), and governed by his Applicable prices & General terms and conditions
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The way your adventure will procede is easy without risks

  • Reservation :

    - as soon as you are decided, ask us, for your flight date reservation. It may be done further to your accomodation at "la Maison de l'Argentier du Roy" or in its self-catering "Knight's Cottage" ( but don't wait too much, Jean Daniel is very busy, in season, and even if he has ateam and 8 balloons, nice season for flights is quite short from May to early september), we shall see his flights planning with him to reserve your date.

  • Deposit and Formalities :

    - then we shall charge you for him, the total amount as "flight reservation deposit" for confirmation.
    - we shall need details for the pilot insurances as : Full Names & first Names of passengers, their birth dates, and their weights for each.

  • Day of flight :

    - wheather is OK for the pilot : the pilot is paid, and the flight is done.
    - wheather is not OK for pilot's flight's security : 2 options :
    * flight may be changed for another day/hour, during your stay (we always advice long stay to visit more, and get our best discounts)
    * flight may not be delayed (bad wheather forecast during all your stay), flight is cancelled = we refund you flight deposit (-8 € for bank credit card moves'fees )
    nb: Flights are early morning around sunrise, or early evening/2h before the sunset.
    (it makes more possibilities to delay, in case of changing weather)

  • Security :

    - Main are securities:
    * the pilot is always responsible of his flights (as his own security and his high reputation in his business / Sport Championship where he compete / aviation authorities ) ; never risks will be taken : goal is pleasure and fun.
    * we are your security for payment and local contact onsite, and your best friend to make your stay as best as possible.

  • Rewards :

    - At the end of the flight, the pilot will offer you, Reward and Champagne to welcome you in the family of Aeronauts ...

  • Cancelation:

    - policy for Air balloon company is : total refund until 7 days before flight date (less € 8 for bank's move fees)

Welcome in the world of Aeronauts

A champagne toast will finish this flight, with a diplom given by the pilot as a flight certificate for the new aeronauts.