Professionals are managing your flight, for your security and your comfort

They will give you all the informations and help to enjoy that day in best conditions.
Any transport performed are provided by Montgolfiere Centre Atlantique (company owner : Jean Daniel Ouvrard), and governed by his Applicable prices & General terms and conditions
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The total adventure will be around 3h-4h for a 2h flight

  • Important information :

    Flights are generally at early mornings, few minutes around sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.
    An air balloon always flies downwind. Winds give the way.
    Onboard pilot control the flight, regulating the altitude with hot air inside the balloon.
    As speed and directions of wind may differ in different altitudes, the pilot may adjust a bit the direction of the flight, but cannot go to a specific place => adventure !

  • Meeting point:

    The day before the flight, it will be confirmed if weather is OK
    Meeting point is front to the house, and takes you, only 2 mn walk, to be there in the early morning.
    You will meet the crew, and be welcome to help them to prepare your flight
    Preparation takes 20- 30 mn.

  • Inflation and take off:

    During the preparation, most is the inflation help, the pilot will give you instructions how to behave in the balloon during take off, flight, and landing.

  • Flight altitude :

    It is usually a few hundreds meters, but the pilot may organise it from few meters to 1 km above the ground.

  • Landing :

    Depends of you flight duration, and the gas still onboard ; The pilot will knows exactly where to land, managing the best place to respect the land and your comfort.
    He will explain you how to behave for the best landing.
    The crew in the retrieve car will have followed you during your flight with the 4x4 and will be there to pick you and the balloon.

  • After landing:

    The crew will pack the balloon and load it in the trailer.
    You will be welcome to give a help.
    Then you will be driven back to your take off site to close your adventure with plenty of souvenirs , you will never forget.

Welcome in the world of Aeronauts

A champagne toast will finish this flight, with a diplom given by the pilot as a flight certificate for the new aeronauts.